I'll help you become confident and savvy as you navigate your way through pregnancy and your hospital birth.


Have you ever wished you had a good friend who was a labor nurse?

Someone that you could call after you leave the doctor's office when you don't understand what they told you ...

I've taken care of so many first-time mamas who feel lost and confused about pregnancy.

As a mom of 3 and a Labor nurse of over 16 years, I love sharing my expertise with first-time mamas who are desperately seeking answers.

I believe in meeting every new mama right where she is and helping provide her with the information and support she needs to make the best decisions for herself during this new adventure.

Inside my course, you will have full access to me and the course for life.

My students rave about the private student group and tell me it is their go-to for information when compared to other groups they are part of.

I hope you will stop Googling your way through pregnancy and join us inside.


In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and not knowing what to expect when it comes to giving birth in a hospital to confidently walking through the front doors and having an amazing birth experience because you will be armed with the most up-to-date information and you will have access to me in the palm of your hand.

Learn To Labor is the ONLY program of its kind that…  

1. Takes You Step-by-Step Through The Labor and Delivery Process so you don't spend your time making up stories of "what if".

2. It gives you the tools (like a handy app at your fingertips) to easily navigate a hospital birth without overwhelm and uncertainty.

3. It teaches you how to prepare ahead so you can relax while you wait for your baby to arrive.

4. It helps you understand what will happen in the first 24 hours after birth in order to put you more at ease.

5. It gives you access via the private Student Only Facebook Group to a real-life L&D nurse with years of experience to help guide you through the entire experience of birth - and beyond.


What Just A FEW Of My Students Are Saying...


What Kind Of Help Do I Get Inside The Private Group?


Learn To Labor Course Outline

When You Join Learn To Labor, You Get Full And Immediate Access To:

Lessons 1 & 2  

How Do I Know I Am In Labor & What Do I Bring To The Hospital

In Lessons 1 & 2 You will learn how to know if you are in labor, what to do if your water breaks or you THINK it breaks, what it looks like to come to the hospital and be triaged, and what you should pack in your bag.  You will learn what it's like from the time you enter the hospital and are told it's 'go-time' or if it's not quite time what it looks like to go home and come back another day.

Lessons 3 & 4

What Is Early Labor & What Is Active Labor - And How Do I Know The Difference

In Lessons 3 & 4 You will learn how to tell the difference between Early Labor and Active Labor from a labor nurse perspective.  You will also learn the breathing techniques we use in the hospital whether you plan to be medicated, unmedicated, or end up needing a cesarean section - breathing is important for ALL laboring Mamas!  

Lessons 5 & 6

What About Pain & How Do I Know It's Time To Push

In Lessons 5 & 6 you will learn what your pain relief options are and how to push that baby out while doing your best to prevent tearing up your bottom.  We will cover your medicated and unmedicated options in-depth so that you show up fully prepared. 

Lessons 7 & 8

What If I Need To Have A C-Section & The Baby Is Out, Now What

In Lessons 7 & 8 you will learn what you need to know about having a C-Section after having planned for a Vaginal Delivery as well as what to do and expect once the baby is born.  There is a lot that happens right after delivery and we will break it all down in real-life easy-to-understand terms for you.

 Lessons 9 & 10

How Do I Feed My Baby, Bottlefeeding & Breastfeeding Basics & When Can I Go Home

In Lessons 9 & 10 you will learn what you need to know about feeding your baby, the important basics about breastfeeding (if you are choosing to breastfeed), and how to make sure you get the help you need ... as well as what needs to happen before you can discharge home.  We have a bonus section that covers unexpected issues like Jaundice or NICU admissions as well as a few other issues that we see in 'real-life' that we want you to have access to once you are delivered - just in case!

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Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

  • The Complete Learn To Labor Program So you can get prepared for your hospital labor and delivery without the stress and overwhelm... ($897 Value)
  • Access to the Learn To Labor Private Facebook Group So you can connect with other first-time moms-to-be as well as ask Nichole any questions you have at any point in your journey - no questions are off-limits ... ($497 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Learn To Labor Any updates and improvements will automatically be granted and put in your student area for you... ($297 Value)  

Don't worry because...


  ✔ 14 Day Refund Policy. You have to take enough risks in life, this course shouldn't be one of them. Try the training for 14 days, and if you join the Facebook Group and make it through the first few lessons and decide this isn't the course for you simply ask for your money back and I will happily refund your entire purchase.  Make sure not to go beyond lesson 3, or else the course is no longer refundable & no refunds after 14 days for any reason.

Investing in you, and this journey you are on is my highest calling.

This is why I am making this comprehensive birth course and access to me throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum available to you at a massive discount.

This course is a MUST-HAVE for any mom-to-be who wants help navigating pregnancy and wants to be confident and prepared to have a hospital birth.

It's not just a bunch of videos, what I have created is a community where you will be supported and loved as you journey into motherhood ... getting every question answered, and growing in your confidence along the way.




Why are you doing this?

My mission is to help women like you, who are finding pregnancy difficult to navigate, have an experienced friend on the journey. I want you to feel confident and capable as you become a mom.

1. I want you to realize what is possible for you and your family in a hospital setting

2. I want to impact as many lives as possible for good and help relieve the anxiety I see in so many new mamas

Ok, I know ... at $297 for this you are wondering if it is junk or out of date.

The price tag is ridiculous, and I know. I should be charging a lot more for this, but I'm not...at least not right now!

Why? Because I have an "agenda"...

I want YOU to be so impressed and love it so much - get LIFE-CHANGING results from it - that you'll want to hear more from me and tell all your friends and family about how amazing this was for you ... serving you with amazing value will help me grow my business too!

It's a win-win.

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