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Hi, I'm Nichole!

Thank you so much for coming to my site❤️

Let me introduce myself -

I am a Registered Nurse and IBCLC of the last 19 years, and I LOVE helping mamas and babies learn to breastfeed.

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, and have 3 amazing kids with my wonderful husband of 16 years.

I can remember my first days with my own brand-new wrinkly baby in my arms. (This was before I had become an IBCLC.) I wish I could say that I knew everything there was to know back then and it was a piece of cake to learn to breastfeed, but it was far from easy.

It was so hard, and I felt so alone that I ended up giving up long before I had planned to.  Instead of breastfeeding at the breast, I began to pump and bottlefeed and I kept that up for a little over a year with my first.

By the time my second came along, I had resolved to just pump because it hurt again immediately. And by 'hurt' I mean my nipples were bleeding and scabbing and my toes curled and I had to grit my teeth every time that sweet little baby was latched. It was horrible. It turned out that she had a tongue tie so pumping and bottle feeding probably saved us a ton of aches and pains.

After my second baby, I began to notice that there was a massive lack of breastfeeding support in the hospital.  That made sense because even as a labor nurse of 8 years at that time, I had very little experience and felt incapable of helping mamas with breastfeeding if it wasn't an 'easy' baby to latch.

I decided that I wanted to obtain my IBCLC certification so that I could be a help to these mamas who were counting on us to provide a service they deserved!

Believe it or not, nurses in the hospital do not receive much (sometimes zero) lactation education.  Neither do most OB providers and pediatricians😳

Fast forward to when my third baby came along, I had a very strong desire to be able to feed him at the breast and not pump unless I was away from him.

And I did.  For 3 years!

I want you to have the support and education you need to have a happy, healthy feeding relationship with your sweet babe.

Most importantly, I want you to realize that no matter what situation you are walking through right now with breastfeeding, pumping, oral ties, or anything else...there is help! You are not the problem, but there is a problem if breastfeeding is hurting or baby isn't able to latch, and I can help.

I cannot wait to meet you and encourage & love on you and your babe throughout this amazing journey that you are on.



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